‘Orogeny’ (An artists profile video about Veronique Maria by Mark Birbeck/Last Bus) and ‘I Cannot Help How My Heart Feels’ (A video by Veronique Maria) will be screened at The Basement, Brighton as part of the Digital Festival on 28th September 2014.

TRANSMUTE, curated by CHROMA, and Stillpoint, gathers artists, dancers and critical thinkers working with digital technology to explore the visceral and the sensory.  What is communication in 2014? Digital technology is used to transmute data into new forms: how do we feel and understand this information? How can we evolve the way we use digital tools to interface with and be informed by our bodies and the wider ecosystem? How are artists, activists and educators using the digital to create, communicate, share knowledge and organise action?
The event borrows its creative theme and structure from the alchemical process of radical transformation. The night brings together people from various disciplines interested in imagining radical change in 2014. The night features talks on the environment, economics, activism, as well as experimental performances, installations and life drawing.

CHROMA director and artist Kate Genevieve (also PHD researcher at Sussex University) says ‘We’re inviting you to come and share your creative work, perspectives and ideas in the hope that gathering people together can catalyse imaginative shifts and strange transmutations.’

Transmute aims to be showing work which investigates the dialogue between the visceral and digital, explores sensory environments, emotion and affective realms, or raises questions around what communication is and how it can evolve.